Monday, June 16, 2014

'Obama to sign executive order protecting lgbt employees of federal contractors' & other Monday midday news briefs

President Obama To Sign Executive Order Protecting LGBT Employees Of Federal Contractors - This came in! About time.

 CNBC Anchor Confronts Rick Perry About Remark Comparing Gays To Alcoholics - Proving yet again that those who make anti-gay statements just can't handle it when questioned on their comments. 

Ingraham: I Don't Know How Courts Could Possibly Allow Gay Marriage Without Allowing Polyamorous Marriage - Someone should ask her does she feel that way about her gay brother's relationship?

  'Old school prude' AFA president calls Michael Sam kiss 'gross,' 'immoral, unhealthy and unnatural' - Good grief, is the American Family Association's Tim Wildmon still mad at the Michael Sam kiss? One wonders if he is just upset that no one ever kissed him like that.

 Regnerus Study Backer Acknowledges That Marriage Equality Creates Family Stability - I love my lgbt brothers and sisters but I hate it when we let gold plate items like this pass without comment.  

Federal Employees’ Insurance Will No Longer Be Required To Exclude Transgender Coverage - Nice! 

 Transgender Activist Joanna Blackhart Recalls The Challenges Of Coming Out In College - An excellent article.

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