Thursday, July 10, 2014

'Another judge destroys anti-marriage equality arguments' & other Thurs. midday news briefs

The one where Regnerus, most criticized researcher in recent memory, criticizes others' research - And the pathetic attempt to rehash Mark Regnerus and his discredited anti-gay study continues. 

5 Ways A Colorado Judge Destroyed Conservatives’ Arguments Against Marriage Equality - But the right will continue to push these points. The only thing we can do is continue to strengthen the brick wall they keep smashing themselves into.  

Is 'Orange is the New Black''s Laverne Cox the First Trans Person To Get an Emmy Nomination? - Just in case you didn't hear, Laverne Cox received an Emmy nomination for Best Guest Actress in a Comedy. Sweet!

  The Legacy of the Hobby Lobby Case: Protecting Anti-Gay Discrimination? - Bring it on, bitches.

 Police arrest five Ugandans, accuse them of trying to turn kids gay - What America has created . . . 
Obama’s Evangelical Gravy Train - . . . it can't kill. Why is the Obama Administration still funding overseas anti-gay groups and other organizations giving out inaccurate information on HIV and pregnancy.

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