Thursday, July 10, 2014

Anti-gay group attempts to trick Pride attendees into 'converting'

During a recent pride event in Minnesota, an evangelical group attempted  to infiltrate in an attempt to "bring lgbts to Jesus:"

Like the video said, the group, Trinity Works, was bragging about its so-called victory on Facebook, claiming to have "converted" 80 people. While there is no way to verify this, according to Andy Birkey of The (a statewide lgbt publication), the group was engaging in some tactics which can be seen as highly un-Christian:

Trinity Works’ tactics were indeed deceptive. When approached the evangelical outreach teams, they refused to acknowledge Trinity Works or the mission to encourage LGBT people to leave “the lifestyle.”

Some of the outreach workers posed as medics and evangelized to people who sought assistance. The Trinity Works group created fliers to mimic those being handed out by OutFront to warn the community about the groups efforts to evangelize.

Outfront also notes that Trinity Works’ outreach workers appeared to have started wearing coral colored shirts to mimic OutFront Minnesota support team members in an attempt to confuse Pride attendees.

Trinity Works held a corn feed at 11th Street and Hennepin Avenue along the Pride parade route. According to OutFront, the support team had to counsel dozens who mistakenly thought it was part of Pride activities.“Pride-goers who went in, assuming it was LGBTQ-friendly, were surrounded by Trinity works people who said they would burn in hell because of their sexual orientation,” OutFront’s Monica Meyer said in a statement.

Surprising? No. Outrageous? You better believe it.

How come I never get approached at Pride by folks like that? I got some choice words for them that I haven't used in YEARS.


Storm said...

For all of my fifty-odd years christians have accused us (that is, everyone not cis) of recruiting, especially the wee ones, while simultaneously recruiting, especially the wee ones.
Like all predators, christians focus the hunt on the vulnerable.
Thanks for this post.

BlackTsunami said...

A little addendum there, Storm. Not all Christians are like this but those who are unfortunately tend to boggart all of the attention.