Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Anti-gay spokesperson hopes Hobby Lobby decision will lead to lgbt discrimination

Linda Harvey and Matt Barber, two people who can never been  mistaken as friends of the lgbt community, are furious that the Boy Scouts of participated in a recent Ohio gay pride parade:

The exchange would be funny except for Barber's tweet yesterday regarding the Hobby Lobby decision:

Guess what, folks. Calling Harvey or Barber rude names, making pseudo-comical comments about their supposed sexual proclivities, or dreams of how raising hell in the way it used to be done in the "old days" won't cut it.

We're dealing with some vicious, albeit idiotically single-minded folks. And maybe it's time we stopped being blase and started being just a little bit more serious in how we handle things.

Serious and a bit more methodical. We've been winning in the courts thus far but perhaps we should stop resting on our laurels, grabbing the hankies to cry about how "we've waited so long for equality," and start assessing what our true problems are.

The mindset of the above two are a big problem and we have been kicking it aside for too long.

You want one suggestion from me? Don't ignore stuff like this. Broadcast it, get fired up enough to register and vote, and to speak out. Make folks aware that this sort of hatred exists.

You would be surprised how many folks aren't aware.

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