Monday, August 04, 2014

'Anti-gay activist wants apology' & other Monday midday news briefs

Marriage Equality Faces A Rough Ride In Court Next Week - Reading this article reminds one of the importance of the long fight. Will it also remind us not to give up and over analyze in the face of possible defeats?

Malevolence Personified - Now that the Ugandan courts have overturned that dreadful anti-gay law, anti-gay activist Scott Lively thinks he is owed an apology. He is owed something but it ain't an apology.  

Anti-LGBT Columnist: Take Children Away From Gay Parents - "I am not going to say what I want to say . . . I am not going to say what I want to say." 

 BarbWire Pundit: 'Cult Of Homosexualism' Will 'Enslave The Entire World' - Sounds like fun to me! lol

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Anonymous said...

"throughout human history this unhealthy lifestyle, was, at best, tolerated" just ask all the folks who were imprisoned.