Monday, August 18, 2014

'Group creates 'homosexual evacuation plan'' & other Monday midday news briefs

You too can have your own "Homosexual Evacuation Plan" - The 'ex-gay' group PFOX must be running out of ideas if they are pushing the above. And would you believe it? There is more on this link thanks to Jeremy Hooper.

WATCH: Man Sues After Being Diagnosed as 'Chronic' Homosexual - MY problem isn't 'chronic homosexuality.' MY problem is 'chronic celibacy.'  

Christian Post Blogger Blames Terrorist Attacks On Gay Rights - But of course he is . . .

 FDA Refused To Use Teen Organ Donor's Eyes Because He Was Gay: How Organs And Tissue Differ When It Comes To Donation - Give me a fricking break. Aren't there tests they can do AFTER accepting the donations?  

Gavin McInnes Placed On 'Indefinite Leave' From Rooster Following Transphobic Article - For an article so vile and transphobic, he had to go. Such is the new age. Don't put anything down in writing that can bite you in the tuckus.

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