Friday, August 01, 2014

'Politifact sizzles Bryan Fischer for anti-gay lies' & other Friday midday news briefs

Politifact sizzles AFA's Bryan Fischer for his anti-gay lies When it comes to Bryan Fischer, there should be something lower than a "pants on fire" rating. How about a "bust hell wide open" rating.

Read: Zack Ford smacks back Ryan Anderson's love of tax-subsidized discrimination - When you read this exchange between one our own and anti-gay activist Ryan Anderson, you learn two things - 1. we need to acknowledge those intelligent, on-the-ball lgbt activists who aren't that well-known (yet) and how the anti-gay industry will attempt to manipulate the semantics of an argument. Imagine lgbts implied as being selfish simply because we want to be treated fairly!  

Ben Carson: LGBT-Affirming Pastors Put Their Finger In The Eye Of God - Every time I hear Ben Carson talk in a way which sends shivers of love down the spine of the anti-gay industry, I think of that episode of Scooby Doo where the monster supposedly kidnapped a supporting character and left a message on the walls of his office saying "Do not follow. He is ours now. "

 Federal Judge Knocks Down Remaining Challenge To New Jersey’s Ban On Ex-Gay Therapy - Another one bites the dust (OWWW!) 

 Fed Up With a Lack of Diverse Children's Books, Queer Parents Write Their Own - Kudos to them!

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Anonymous said...

Regarding Bryan Fischer, one of the best ways to combat AIDS is to get tested for it. Planned Parenthood and facilities like them have been offering testing for decades now, but are rather pestered with protesters and anti-abortion laws trying to close them down. Maybe it's time for the LGBT community to realize that they need to stand with women and their freedom of choice regarding their own bodies. Abortion doesn't have to be popular, just safe and legal. These centers are good for everybody.