Tuesday, September 09, 2014

'Bryan Fischer happy Gambia is persecuting gays' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

American Family Association's senior analyst, most visible spokesman repeats enthusiasm for criminalizing homosexuality - Well this is lovely. The African country of Gambia has passed a law criminalizing homosexuality and the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer sends a happy tweet. Good ole Bri-Bri. Singlehandedly giving Christianity in America a bad name. 

Congressman Says Everyone Should Be Free To Smoke And Fire Gay People - Well that's a strange and ugly combination.

 Appeals Court Appears Ready To Strike Down Idaho, Nevada Same-Sex Marriage Bans - Don't jinx it, Buzzfeed.

Ex-Gay Activist Went From 'Sleeping With One Thousand Men' To Being Happily Straight - He counted? No wonder I can't get any. They are all having sex with this guy.

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