Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Bryan Fischer is proof that homophobia makes you stupid

Can someone tell me what the heck is the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer is talking about here:


Bob O'Neil said...

I have a slogan for Bryan Fischer: "Fight stupidity! Go atheist!"

Erik Atlas said...

Typical low blow - fat women are lesbians, cause he wouldn't have sex with fat women, and if women won't make themselves appealing to him, they MUST be lesbians. OH, and that's Michelle Obama's fault.

And dinosaurs!

See that's a PR attempt to make his comments attractive boys. I am surprised he din't mention dinosaurs.

This man makes me hold my head - you must sift through tons of his blather.

Erik Atlas said...

His train of though is simple. He does not like fat women. He would have sex with them if they were not fat. And any woman that will not make herself attractive to him must be a lesbian, so any attempt to combat obesity must also be an attempt to secretly combat lesbianism.

OF COURSE any program that makes women more attractive to Bryan Fisher's sexual whiles must also, by the same reasoning, be a Christianist Eugenics project of selective breeding. So Sephora is some Christianist Hate group, see?