Tuesday, September 02, 2014

'Opinions vary on Michael Sam situation' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Why The Rams Cut Michael Sam, And Why His Future Still Looks Bright - I'm certainly not trying to rationalize the situation but I personally am not angry that Sam was cut. I think what happened was a decision strictly based upon football and not Sam's sexual orientation. I think that regardless, what Sam did was brave and shouldn't be overwhelmed by feelings of disappointment with him not being picked.  

NFL Player Says ESPN Is To Blame For Michael Sam Going Unsigned - Of course others may disagree . . . 

Teen Suing South Carolina DMV After Being Told To Remove His Makeup For License Photo - I'm rooting for the teen. But dag, why is it that my state only makes the news when stuff like this happens? 

Janice Shaw Crouse: Love and Marriage Are Amazing! (Many Conditions Apply, Of Course!)I haven't shown any spotlight on the anti-gay Concerned Women for America nor any of its spokespeople in a long while. As writer Evan Hurst points out, they have been unfortunately busy maligning marriage equality.  

 BarbWire Columnist: Homosexuality Is Violence Against God - Sorry for this little bit of "crazy" to end today's news briefs


Erica Cook said...

I feel the same way about Indiana. In regards to how your state is portrayed. I can't speak for your state, but in regards to Indiana, the reason why it is portrayed as a homophobic state with no room for real diversity is because that's what it really it. Not everyone, just the people who could change it.

Erik Atlas said...

"Violence against God..?" The supreme being that is all powerful, everywhere, knows everything, can do no wrong, can become a victim of violence? OK, whatever, baby

Anonymous said...

Interesting for Janice Shaw Crouse to use an Emily Dickinson quote, anyone want to chip in and buy her a Biography of Miss. Dickinson? one that fully covers her relationship with her sister in law, Susan Gilbert?