Monday, September 15, 2014

'Mainstream media looks at NOM's attempt to aid homophobia on worldwide scale' & other Monday midday news briefs

America's gay rights battle goes global - As vile and noxious as the entire situation is, it is a comfort that Yahoo News officially mainstreams what the lgbt community always knew about Brian Brown and NOM, i.e. the organization is not out to "protect" marriage but stamp out lgbt equality even if they have to team up with nasty homophobes on a global scale. 

More details about the above story - READ: HRC's 'Export of Hate' report puts American activists on notice
'In America's Darkest Hour ... God Stepped In To Save The Day': A History Lesson From FRC - As evil and homophobic as the Family Research Council has been over the years to the lgbt community and in lieu of all of the times that organization has played fast and loose with the truth in order to smear us, the group would be best served to stop dwelling on how God "saved the day" for America, but rather be thankful that he didn't aim a bit of lightning its way. 

 Idaho Has Spent Over $70,000 Defending Its Ban On Same-Sex Marriage - DAMN! I think my last sentence speaks for itself. 

 Transgender Girl Crowned Homecoming Princess - Good for her!

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