Thursday, September 11, 2014

'Pat Robertson gives BAD advice to parent of lesbian' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Pat Robertson: 'Girl-On-Girl Movies' Make Young People Think They're Gay - Proving once again that one would be better off asking Norman Bates' mother for advice on parents supporting their  children before asking Pat Robertson:


 In other news:

 In Cameroon, Drinking Bailey’s Makes You Guilty Of Gay Sex - Hold up. Didn't Pat Robertson say . . .  

Staver: Obama's America Is Worse Than Nazi Germany - So because of marriage equality and abortion, America is worse than Nazi Germany, according to the Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver. Oh the hyperbole! It burns! 

Russian ‘Pro-Family’ Conference Exposing Internal Dissension Among American Religious Right Leaders? - Dissension, yes. It would be perfect. The conference is still a drag. 

More detail on the above story - UPDATED: 'Cancelled' World Congress Of Families Kremlin Conference Begins Today, Possibly With Special Guest Star Brian Brown 

 LGBT people twice as likely to suffer from chronic mental health problems - And the study also says this is due to homophobia and how homophobia breeds mistrust. Of course the big question I have is how long will it take the anti-gay right to distort this study by citing how lgbts have chronic mental health issues while omitting the part about how homophobia creates this problem.

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