Thursday, October 09, 2014

'Another religious liberty case bites the dust' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Kentucky Human Rights Commission Dismantles Another Anti-Gay Religious Liberty Story - Another "religious liberty" piece of junk dismantled by that pesky thing called "basic fairness." 

Chair Eastman teases NOM's (hilarious) plan for a constitutional convention - NOM wants a federal amendment banning marriage equality. You may laugh now. 

 Kansas State Judge Orders That Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Be Issued - I simply HAVE to be corny here - Carry on my wayward son . . .  

Supreme Court Error Accidentally Halted Marriage in Nevada - Well now that this has been cleared up . . .  

Barber: SCOTUS Is 'Tempting The Wrath Of God' With Gay Marriage Decision - Oh yeah. Slavery, genocide, taking land away from Native Americans, segregation, lynching. Forget all of that. Allow gay and lesbians couples to get married. That will REALLY get God angry.

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