Friday, November 21, 2014

'Anti-gay group demonstrates its hypocrisy on boycotts' & other Friday midday news briefs

One of America's most anti-gay organizations rallies for the Duggars; because of course they would - The irony of the week: the American Family Association, the group famous for wanting things taken off the air, whines about others wanting something off the air.  

A new, harsher version of Uganda’s anti-gay law could effectively make all gay and lesbian people homeless - Oh Good LORD, Uganda! 
Ninth Circuit rejects Alaska’s appeal for 11-judge review of gay marriage ruling - Like I said to SC Attorney General Alan Wilson, "give it up, turn it loose."  

Gambian Leader Signs Law Imposing Life Imprisonment for Homosexual Acts Amid New Crackdown - In the Motherland, some folks are acting like real "muthers."

 ACLU to amend lawsuit to force Kansas agencies to recognize same-sex marriages - Even though he was re-elected after practically wrecking his state's economy (something I STILL can't figure out), one would think that Gov. Sam Brownback would have more pressing concerns than to be a complete jerk to Kansas same-sex couples who fairly won the right to be married.  

5 Ways The President’s Plan On Immigration Helps LGBT Immigrants - What Obama did last night IS in part an lgbt issue.  

Daubenmire: Christians Can Never Compromise On Allowing Gays To 'Come Out Of The Closet' - I just had to post this because of the audacity. "Allow us to come out of the closet?" Lord, please help me to remember that this is a "clean" blog cause if I forget, I got some choice words for Daubenmire I haven't used in YEARS.!

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Anonymous said...

There are two aspects to marriage equality the gay community keeps under-presenting.

1. If the people defending the sanctity of marriage have been divorced it needs to be stated often and loudly.

2. The tax dollars being spent fighting this. People know infrastructure is crumbling, jobs are scarce yet precious tax dollars are being wasted.