Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Anti-gay talking head who wants to 'recriminalize homosexuality' elected to Michigan legislature

I hate to be the bearer of such news but Gordon Klingenschmitt wasn't the only insane anti-gay spokesperson to win a seat in a statewide legislature:

This is Gary Glenn. He was former head of the Michigan chapter of the American Family Association. He is now a Michigan state legislator. The above video of him telling Christians to ignore court rulings supporting marriage equality should give you an idea where he stands.

And according to Right Wing Watch:

Glenn has denounced efforts to curb anti-LGBT bullying in schools as a “Trojan Horse” plot by “homosexual activists” who want to “segregate students” and suggested that schools ban clubs like the Gay-Straight Alliance for “promoting behavior that [is] self-destructive and harmful to young people.” Instead, Glenn thinks that if schools “truly cared about young people who are ensnared by deviant behavior, they would tell them the truth that homosexuality is harmful and to be avoided.” In previous election cycles, Glenn has attempted to defeat gay Michigan candidates. In a robocall against one gay candidate, he used the word “homosexual” no less than ten times.

 But the main you should know about Glenn is this:

Glenn . . . wants to recriminalize homosexuality, which he says is “a proven threat to public health and safety . . ."

It was that lovely wish which led Glenn and I to clash on my blog in 2010 over not only his belief that homosexuality should be recriminalized,  but his opinion of the so-called "homosexual lifestyle."

 I whipped his ass using information which I later put in my book, How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right on Gay America  which you can download from here - ( )  or  here ( - hint! hint! about our potential method of attack when these folks start spilling their lies.

To put it nicely, if I had whipped Glenn any worse with regards to his errors he tried to pass off as truth, he would have volunteered to go out on the street at night to "make me some money."

Generally speaking though, Glenn's and Klingenschmitt's election to their state legislatures promises some interesting times for the lgbt community. Interesting and successful times to demonstrate the need for  lgbt equality if we play it right.

So swallow your shock and anger and get ready for the game.


Anonymous said...


Since reporters will not doubt be looking for statements from this newly elected legislature, maybe you should tip a few local Michigan reporters off that his opinion on homosexuality is so bigoted and counterfactual, could make for an interesting, impromptu press corps question.

BlackTsunami said...

taken care of ;p

Anonymous said...

We really appreciate all you do