Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Lgbts shouldn't pull back our demand for equality because of mid-term election results

It's over, done and through like a root canal or a colonoscopy. Amid all of the blaming, finger pointing, weeping, and grinding of teeth, let me remind folks of something:

Yesterday, a judge ruled for marriage equality in Kansas and in South Carolina, it looks like marriage equality will be coming any day now as a federal judge is poised to rule in our favor.

Progress in the arena of marriage equality continues to march forward. Although with this new Republican Senate coupled with the Republican House, I suspect that there will be new roadblocks put in the way via an attempt to push an anti-marriage equality constitutional amendment or pushing an extreme idea of  "religious exemptions" as a bill.

Whatever the case may be, the question I asked yesterday still stands. What is the lgbt community prepared to do? We have the momentum and at least partly knowledgeable of the roadblocks that will try to be put in our way. Sometimes greatness, survival, and immortality comes from how one handles adversity.

Are we going to cower in the corner waiting for the boogieman to come in our house and attack us or are we going to defend what we earned while at the same time planning to get more?

You know where I stand. At the front door with my hair rolled up, one hand on my hip, and the other holding a huge rolling pin.

Bring it on.

Editor's note -  I have a real feeling that the lgbt community will be needing this in the next two years. I say start now. If you are faced with an army who you know will attack, go after them first . For those who want to skip the site and go straight to the booklet, GO HERE:

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