Friday, January 23, 2015

'God's brats' should stop throwing tantrums over marriage equality losses

Somewhat disturbing incidents are taking place across America when it comes to marriage equality.

As the lgbt community win battle after battle, certain folks are showing their true faces, or in street vernacular, their behinds.

Possible presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is now claiming that states can ignore Supreme Court rulings on marriage equality if they  don't agree with them. Another possible presidential candidate Ben Carson is talking about removing judges who rule in favor of marriage equality. Both Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have come out and said judges have no power to overturn marriage equality ban.

And several state legislatures are fluctuating between passing laws which would "protect" clerks from marrying same-sex couples if they don't agree with gay marriage to punishing them severely for marrying same-sex couples if in fact they do agree with gay marriage.

So what's going on here? What's with all of the madness. What's with the quiet, but nonetheless, bothersome rebellion of our system of governance.

No matter what these folks may say, what soundbites and talking points they may throw out, there is nothing noble about their behavior.

It basically comes down to them throwing a tantrum because they can't get their way. I mean really . . .  all of this stuff about "the will of the people," "unelected judges," and the rest of the vicious phrases they throw out is the equivalent of a little brat screaming and crying when their parents won't let them have a piece of candy.

They seem to wanting to blame lgbts for their shortsighted stupidity. When all of this "we have to protect marriage" mania got stoked up in 2004, it amazes me that no one seemed to think that the actions taken to supposedly protect marriage back then (i.e. the anti-gay marriage statewide laws) would be challenged. After all, it's generally what happens when folks feel that a law violates the Constitution.

And once these laws were challenged in court, where were these righteously indignant people? Where was Mike Huckabee or Ben Carson? For that matter, where were the religious right groups such as the Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage? For all of their talk about marriage "being the joining of two halves of humanity" or "marriage being ordained to be between a man and a woman by God," they never volunteered to take the stand, They never volunteered to testify.

Probably because it's easy to spook people into voting the way you want by spinning implied horror stories of "gay recruitment" or "anti-Christian persecution." Not so much when you are in a court of law.

When the time came for them to defend their positions, they couldn't because they didn't have any positions worthy of defending. They had nothing. Nada. Bupkiss.

How can their inability to defend their position translate into a so-called gay fiat on marriage?

It doesn't.

So to all of these folks throwing tantrums. The Mike Huckabees, the Ben Carsons, the Mark Rubios, etc, I have some advice.

Stop crying, wipe your eyes, fix your face, and above all, get over yourselves. You had every opportunity to defend these laws and you chose not to. Maybe because you knew you had no defense, Maybe because you didn't want to be questioned on the tactics you undertook to get these laws.

Whatever the case is, you lost and hopefully you will continue to lose. If you want to blame someone, have a good long look in the mirror.

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