Thursday, February 26, 2015

'AFA's silly 'bigotry map' declares the Carolinas 'gay-free' zone' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Gay Marriage Opponents To Rally - Now you just KNOW that South Carolina wasn't going to be left out of this wildness. Folks will be assembling at the State House this weekend to push support for "protection of marriage bills" in my state. Barring the weather, I will be there taking pictures. As for the possible success of these bills, I have tremendous faith in the statewide organization, SC Equality, in its efforts to stand for our community. The organization is hard at work even as I speak. 

N.C. Senate passes anti-LGBT religious discrimination bill - Meanwhile, a bill which would allow magistrates and registrars of deeds to not do their job for same-sex couples passed. I don't see a bright future for this law. 

 American Family Association proclaims the Carolinas a safe, queer-free zone - According to the American Family Association's 'bigotry map,' the Carolinas (North and South) have no lgbt groups at all. Now we all know this isn't true on so many levels. On one hand, I am incredibly insulted. However, on the other, the James Bond villain in me is thrilled that our secret homosexual organization dedicated to bringing down America and having Judy Garland's birthday declared a national holiday hasn't been detected yet. This means (fake European villain accent) "no one has made me cross enough to feed them to my piranha fish."  

Texas Bill Would Punish Businesses If They Don’t Discriminate - It's an old adage, but I can safely say that yes, I have now "heard everything."  

Facebook, Fox Entertainment Executives Spoke At Media Conference Featuring Anti-LGBT, Islamophobic Extremists - Fox News I can understand, but Facebook? Shame! 

 Fired for Being Trans - This should NEVER happen EVER.

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