Friday, February 27, 2015

'Anti-gay Family Research Council pushing bogus religious liberty poll' & other Friday midday news briefs

FRC's ridiculously bunk new poll (*from partisan polling firm) - The Family Research Council pushes a transparently deceptive poll on religious liberty. Whatever happened to the good old days when fraud and chicanery had a certain style. Now I know there are some folks on my side who want to be nonchalant and jaded over this. I wouldn't recommend it. Any time we can catch FRC in a lie and publicize it, it is another chop in its tree of credibility. Besides, one day I will  relate to you the days when there was no one exposing FRC lies. It was NOT a good time. Be thankful for those of us willing to jump into the breach.

WATCH: Homophobes Have Invented a Scary New Tactic to Undo Equal Rights - It ain't pretty and eventually, it may backfire spectacularly. However, I cringe to think of the damage it may do BEFORE it self-destructs.  

AL Gov's Pastor Urged Him To Defy Federal Courts On Marriage To Prevent America's Collapse - Gasp and swoon! How dare Alabama's governor remember that he was elected to serve all the people of Alabama and not the church! The meanie! 

 U.S. Churches: Banning Same-Sex Marriage Has Nothing To Do With Homosexuality - There isn't enough snarkiness in the world for me to make a comment about this #@!*!

 Jeb Bush, 2016’s Gay-Friendly Republican - Naturally other Republicans aren't exactly ready to jump on THIS train. Oh this is going to be sooooo much fun to watch!

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Anonymous said...

I am sure I am not the only one that is grateful to you and others for "jumping into the breach."

By using your voice to keep us informed, you have given us a better ability to use ours.

One day your effort will no longer be needed. That day, however, is a long way off.

Thank you for shouting from the proverbial roof-tops.