Monday, February 02, 2015

'Anti-gay lawmakers want revenge for losing marriage equality fights' & other Monday midday news briefs

Alabama Lawmaker: Same-Sex Couples Don’t Deserve Same Financial Benefits As Other Families - Which is why the opposition has such a hard time formulating an argument against marriage equality which is not religious and not full of lies. They come across as mean as a rattlesnake with an attitude.

Anti-Gay Lawmakers Seek Revenge With Dangerous New Laws - That's what it's all about. Revenge and intimidation and neither will work.  

The 5 Worst Fears About Coming Out As LGBT Later In Life - This article is VERY APPROPRIATE. Often times when we think of coming out, we think of young folks. Coming out crosses all age groups. 

 This Homophobic Lawmaker Is Still Trying Ban Same-Sex Marriage In Hawaii - Or what happens when a Peter LaBarbera-ish person gets a legislative seat.

 Steph Grant Talks About Life As A Photographer For LGBT Weddings - This is awesome!

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