Thursday, March 19, 2015

'Anti-gay activist: Ben Carson is "DEAD in my eyes"' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Matt Barber
Barber: 'Ben Carson Is Dead In My Eyes' After Apology For Anti-Gay Comments - Because of his apology for that ridiculous comment using prison as an excuse to claim that homosexuality is a choice, Ben Carson is catching flack big time. Anti-gay spokesman Matt Barber says Carson is "dead in my eyes." Apparently someone besides myself has been watching too many mobster documentaries. 

CBS Shows How Easy It Is To Properly Cover A Transgender News Story - Thank you CBS for showing how easy it is to properly report on transgender issues. All it takes is a little common sense.

  A Spiritual Battle For America's Future: Five Takeaways From The Religious Right's Awakening Conference - In a nutshell, gays want to put Christians in jail, Islam is evil, gays want to put Christians in jail, abortion is evil, gays want to put Christians in jail. Did I mention gays want to put Christian in jail. Now I COULD BE wrong about this but I don't think the Family Research Council attended this conference. If that is the case, how out there do you have to be to not have FRC on board?  

Erick Erickson's Campaign For A Draconian Anti-Gay Law In Georgia - Somebody put a muzzle on this viking. But the article points out a good point which the next news brief will hit on in further detail.  

The Religious Right Operative Who Helped Write Utah’s Nondiscrimination Law - Just how many anti-gay laws past and present have sprung from the board rooms of anti-gay groups. This is not a precedent. Long-time anti-gay activist Robert Knight helped to write the viciously anti-gay DOMA decades ago. 

 Michigan May Allow Adoption Agencies To Refuse Service To Gay Couples - And speaking of one of these anti-gay laws . . . I've been accused at times of being sadomasochistic (because of how I dive headfirst in anti-gay dogma and propaganda for this blog), but even I object to any entity being allowed to freely take my tax dollars while discriminating against me and claiming that "it's for the children."

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Patrick Fitzgerald said...

RWW: "Throughout the conference, marriage between gay and lesbian … if allowed to proceed would end in Christianity being outlawed and Christians thrown in jail."

So will LGBT Christians be throwing themselves in jail?

And since Leviticus 20:13 mandates the genocide of gay men, does the commandment "Do not kill" interfere with their religious practice?