Monday, March 02, 2015

'We win in Nebraska, gay self-hatred, defiant homophobes' & other Monday midday news briefs

U.S. judge rules Nebraska same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional - Just in case y'all haven't heard . . . 

Contentious LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance Before City Council Tonight - Meanwhile, our hearts and prayers go out to our brothers and sisters in Charlotte, NC tonight because this meeting promises to be WILD! 

 HGTV’s “Never Were” Benham Brothers: We Turned A Gay Guy Straight By Giving Him Baseball Tickets - It's going to be wild partly because THESE TWO NUTS will be there. Ugh!  

SCOTUS Rejects CA Dispute Over Disclosing Donors To Anti-Gay Marriage Initiatives - Awwwwwww!  (THAT was sarcasm).

‘I’m not gay no more’ viral video star says God still hasn’t made him straight - Yes this entire situation has been campy, but it's also sad. Read the article to see what put this young man in this ridiculous situation. It only goes to show that while public battles like marriage equality MAY be over, we still have work to do in order to reverse all of the self-hatred folks have infected some of us and our children with.  

Founding Mother Of The Conservative Movement: LGBT Rights Not Inevitable - So Phyllis Schafly is talking #$!@. Bring it on, girlfriend! We give no mercy nor draw any quarter. You and your gay son have had a ringside seat to the progression of lgbt equality and THAT'S not going to change.


Harpia Empírica said...

Hey. I found no contact link, but if I may suggest, do a post about Netherlands. The argument that homosexuality leads a person to suicide or suicidal thoughts is not a new one, and anti-gay activists are quick to point out that this is not caused by social factors and yes by homosexuality itself.
I always found this an empty and ill-supported claim. However, recently, people have been arguing that this is true because in Netherlands, besides its accepting culture, suicidal thoughts are still a big problem between LGBT youngs.


BlackTsunami said...

I did write a post about it in 2009. Generally anti-gay groups and talking heads distort a study done by Theo Sandfort to draw their inaccurate conclusion. I spoke with him via email in 2009 -