Thursday, April 30, 2015

Conservatives, anti-gay right need to cool it on the persecution predictions

If there one thing which worries me about the possibility of us receiving 50-state marriage equality at  SCOTUS, it is the reaction to folks who do not support us being married.

I am somewhat concerned, not because I think of them as irrational folks. There are some folks who have very sincere beliefs that marriage equality is wrong and I respect that. I am worried about who some are choosing to believe.

It's one thing to be absolutely ludicrous and make ridiculous claims that God will be angry at America. But it's when these folks start predicting actual persecution and conjuring up images of Christians and pastors being arrested which bothers me. Case in point, Glenn Beck:

Glenn Beck is a demagogue. A moronic idiot who lucked into a media empire, but he has a multitude of followers and while we laugh at his inanity, there are folks who actually believe what he says. And unfortunately, he isn't the only person on the right pushing irresponsible rhetoric regarding the possible SCOTUS decision on marriage equality.

Never mind that these folks have track record for being inaccurate (they made the same claims about lgbt-inclusive hate crimes legislation), it's what they can fool people into believe which matters.

All it takes is one fool and the ignorance of fools is what these folks seem to be counting on.

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Anonymous said...

If you see what happened in Canada, nothing happened. The anti marriage people faded away quickly. What is funny though is the right wing newspapers most passionately against equality now claim they were for it all along.

Don't get me wrong there are still anti gay bigots but they are mostly silent.