Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NOM makes AWFUL attempt to inflate the numbers of its #March4Marriage failure

Particularly in terms of attendance, NOM's latest March For Marriage (held Saturday) was yet another colossal flop for the group.

However, NOM president, Brian Brown, thinks that he can pull a big con on everyone as evidenced by this tweet:

The tweet links to an article from MRC Newsbusters. a right-wing site which supposedly monitors  "liberal media bias." The article includes a video of the march, but there is absolutely no way anyone can tell the number of participants by viewing the video.

So where did the "15,000 participants" claim come from ? From NOM itself. According to the article:

A marriage march press contact confirmed to MRC Culture through NOM that “approximately 15,000” marchers attended. 

In other words, Brown is implying that an "unbiased" news source confirmed that NOM's March for Marriage had 15,000 participants. However,  the claim isn't coming from the news source. It is coming from Brian Brown and NOM.

This absolute pitiful subterfuge has been a hallmark of NOM's fight against marriage equality. It would be easy to just allow the organization to embarrass itself out of existence.

But to hell with that. Why shouldn't the lgbt community get in on the fun?

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Anonymous said...

From what I have seen and read, the actual number of participants is seriously in question. Part of those interviewed claimed they were told it was a rally for some other-I don't remember what-cause. Others, that they were simply curious as to the crowd. Apart from that, to many a casual observer, that 15,000 number looks suspect.

What will be their next target when this is over? If, indeed, they can survive that long.