Friday, April 17, 2015

'Why is the Family Research Council 'reediting' their public prayers to God?' & other Friday midday news briefs

WHOA: FRC 'reediting' all those heinous fasting-for-marriage prayers I've been showing you!! - I've never heard of such a thing. Taking the time to lodge public prayers to God to stop marriage equality and then "re-editing" them? What's the point? Obviously these prayers were not for God's consumption or the Family Research Council wouldn't care if they appeared too extreme or homophobic. 

Anti-Gay Activists Vow To Repeal Marriage Equality Laws Across The Country If They Win At SCOTUS - Well duh. They are going to try this even if they lose (and I hope they do lose). An interesting about this piece is that it shows the hypocrisy of the anti-marriage equality crowd. They will work to repeal marriage equality laws even if people in certain states voted FOR these laws. So much for "let the people vote" or "let the states decide."  

Ten Novel, Absurd, And Irrelevant Arguments Made In Supreme Court Briefs Against Marriage Equality - More false data, more junk science, more idiocy. The anti-marriage equality crowd is getting desperate.  

Anti-gay leader Mat Staver spins outrageous lie about gays costing government billions - Reiterating this morning's post because the media should pay as much attention to anti-gay lies as they do when anti-gay groups spin memes of "anti-Christian" persecution.

  C-Fam 'Mission' in Africa: Spreading Anti-Family Planning, Anti-Gay Gospel - And speaking of persecution . . .

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