Monday, May 11, 2015

Anti-gay Mother's Day message courtesy of anti-gay right's 'intellectual future'

Ryan T. Anderson
Ryan T. Anderson of the Heritage Foundation has been anointed by some as the intellectual future of the anti-gay movement or anti-marriage equality movement. I am not sure which overrated title he has been given because I think such things are ignorant.

Also, they tend not to be true, as one can gauge from this tweet Anderson sent out yesterday:

So many things come to my mind in order to properly describe this tweet. Ignorant. Tacky. Hateful. Inappropriate. Stupid.

But Anderson's tweet reveal much more. A game plan. A deliberate attempt to play same-sex households against heterosexual households. Anderson is just one of  many on the anti-gay right who say that same-sex households damage children because these households supposedly deny children of having the allegedly right to have a mother and a father.

The venomous implication is that gays are stealing children away from heterosexual families who would properly care for them in order to satisfy their own selfish desires.

It's like saying what Anita Bryant said in the 70s - that we "recruit children," but with focus on "implying" and "hinting."

I need not refute Anderson. Too many folks, especially those who read this blog, know the love and sacrifices all parents make for their children. Parenthood is not a competition nor do the vast majority of folks who become parents by whatever means take it lightly.

Nor should it be thought of as a caste system. Not all children live in households with a mother and a father. And while this can be a good home for a child, it is not the only type of home environment children grow up in nor should it be considered the "gold standard."

And all homes providing love and support for their children should be celebrated.

Editor's note - Please do not contact Anderson, particularly if you have something ugly to say. He will mostly likely what you say as an example of how "intolerant" gays are. He tends to do this a lot, even if he at first baits folks via HIS tweets.

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