Monday, May 04, 2015

'Ben Carson's Top 10 Anti-Gay Statements' & other Monday midday news briefs

Ben Carson (the anti-Obama - not a compliment) is in for 2016.

GOP Presidential Candidate Ben Carson's Top 10 Most Anti-Gay Comments - In celebration of Ben Carson's announcement that he is running for president . . . never mind. It's too depressing to go on. Just read the darn thing.  

One Of These Photos About Religious Freedom Is Nothing Like The Others - WONDERFUL! Sometimes points have to be made with a certain simplicity. 

Consultant's resignation shines light on city councilman's perceived 'betrayal' of Columbia's lgbt community - Repeating this morning's post to remind folks that it's not all about stuff going on in California, New York, D.C., or any of the big cities. Us lgbts in southern states are fighting the good fight, too. 

 James Dobson: Gay Marriage Signals 'The Fall Of Western Civilization' - The anti-gay right predicts that some form of lgbt equality will doom mankind part 1,001. 

 Supreme Court declines to hear new LGBT-related cases - One is good for us. The other? Not so good.

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