Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bryan Fischer enters drama queen territory and begins making space

As we get nearer to the Supreme Court's decision on marriage equality, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer is getting more shriller with her his calls to alarm.

Sorry for the punctuation error there, but Fischer has totally entered "drama queen" territory and is now making space for himself:


dancandan said...

well Fischer proves once more that he has no clue as to the meaning embedded in the Constitution and the mechanics designed specifically to prevent his or anyone else's attempts to deny rights to anyone regardless of the momentary lapses that may occur in the democratic system. He also believes that the government can't shut him down but what they CAN do is arrest people who break the law, As for businesses and churches that continue to discriminate, well the government can sit back and watch them put themselves out of business when their support dries up...which it will..and it's already begun.

Scott Amundsen said...

Bryan Fischer: What you get when you mix batshit crazy with criminally stupid, stir in a generous dollop of raging paranoia, bake it halfway (THIS IS IMPORTANT: it MUST be half baked), and put it in front of a microphone.