Monday, May 18, 2015

'Christian' publication, anti-gay spokespeople covering up the persecution of African lgbts

Janice Shaw Crouse helps to cover up persecution of African lgbts.
One News Now, the American Family Association's "online news source" just came out with an article attacking President Obama for his defense of African lgbts.

Of course it's one-sided with such excerpts as:

The Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, comprised of 700 pastors, welcomes Obama to visit their nation this summer — provided he stop pressuring Kenyans to forsake their religious convictions by endorsing the homosexual lifestyle.

“President Barack Obama is welcome to visit Kenya this summer — but please, leave the preaching to us,” the ecumenical coalition of religious leaders proclaimed.

Bishop Mark Kariuki, a megachurch pastor who advises some 700 pastors as the leader of the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, says what isn’t welcome is a repeat performance of Obama scorning believers for not ascribing to his homosexual agenda.

“We would like to send a strong message to the U.S. president that the homosexuality debate should not become part of his agenda, as it has been his tendency whenever he comes to Africa,” Kariuki told Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper on Monday.

 . . . Using funding — or the retraction of it — to persuade other nations to be on board with the worldwide push to embrace homosexual behavior, Western nations are doing all they can to normalize the unbiblical practice around the world.

. . . World Congress of Families Executive Director Janice Shaw Crouse says that Obama is indiscriminantly ramrodding the LGBT to uproot and destroy the religious and cultural mores that nations have embraced for millennia globally.

 . . . “There is a whole movement in which many people in the Obama administration are involved — Hillary Clinton at the forefront — that is pushing the ‘sexual rights’ agenda,” asserted Sharon Slater, who produced Cultural Imperialism: The Sexual Rights Agenda. “[African political leaders] were being blackmailed, bribed and bullied into accepting sexual rights that run counter to their religious and cultural values.”

Of course the article doesn't contain information regarding how African nations often target their own lgbt citizens in vicious acts of homophobic persecution. According to Salon, being gay is a crime in 38 of the 54 countries in Africa. In Kenya, lgbts are often beaten, given jail sentences of life imprisonment, brutally murdered, or gang-raped.

Last week, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh threatened to slit the throats of all gay men in the country.

And what's been going on in Uganda regarding anti-gay persecution needs no further introduction

These are the things that the Obama Administration have been fighting against. And these are the things you won't hear cited by One News Now or the folks they quote in their phony stories.

My question to the editors of One News Now, Crouse, etc is how can a Christian not only be against stopping the persecution of a fellow human being but also engage in steps to hide it?

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