Wednesday, May 20, 2015

'Jindal enforcing anti-gay discrimination via executive order?' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

Bobby Jindal Vows To Enforce Religious Freedom Measure Through Executive Order - Good news - the Louisiana legislature killed that awful anti-gay "religious liberty" bill. BAD NEWS - Gov. Bobby Jindal is pushing it through via an executive order. Oh yeah, Bobby. THAT will get you to the White House. 

Jindal: Protecting LGBT Rights Will Hurt Businesses In The Long Run - And naturally after he does that awful act, Jindal runs to the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council for cover. This post is specifically for those who underestimate the power of anti-gay groups and say the lgbt community shouldn't "give them any attention." 

 Backlash, Bullies, and Victory Blindness - Wonderful piece by my new friend Richard J. Rosendall on how conservatives (some who are gay) are attempting to undercut lgbt equality victories.  

Ted Cruz, Cornered Again on Gay Rights, Says ISIS is Worse Than He Is - But YOU were the one who said that marriage equality was the greatest threat to "religious freedom" and also implied something about "mandatory gay marriages." Don't deflect about ISIS when you can't stand the heat of the fire you started. 

 Host Of Rubio Fundraiser Was Foreign Agent For Dictator Who Endorses Gay Beheadings - Something to remember the next time Marco Rubio whines about being "labeled as a bigot." 

 Data Faked In Study About Gay People Changing Voters’ Minds - What the @%!$! There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for this type of behavior, especially from those who are supposed to be our allies. The only good thing which can come out of this is if and when the anti-gay right trumpet this situation, we can remind folks of the many, many times they have distorted science to demonize gays, INCLUDING a certain $850,000+ fraudulent study on gay parenting which blew up in their faces in time for the DOMA case at the Supreme Court. In fact, one can almost expect a stand alone post from me on these distortions so we can have a level playing field when it comes to just WHO likes to distort science.

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