Tuesday, May 05, 2015

No Sam Rodriguez, marriage equality doesn't work like that

From Right Wing Watch:

During last week’s National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, where Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee made their pitches for the Latino vote, NHCLC head Sam Rodriguez told a TIME reporter that Republicans will not “fight arduously” to overturn a Supreme Court decision striking down bans on same-sex marriage. Of course, on the very same day Rodriguez announced that he and other NHCLC leaders signed a pledge to commit civil disobedience in defiance of any Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage. Rodriguez also told a reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network that such a ruling would usher in a wave of anti-Christian persecution and possibly hate speech laws banning pastors from quoting the Bible. 

 Words don't do this video half-justice. You simply have to see it and hear this wild tangent NHCLC head Sam Rodriguez goes on. And as pathetically funny as he is, Rodriguez's words do serve a purpose. He gives a window into the mindset of so many folks who oppose marriage equality. To them, it's not a matter of Scripture, but a paranoid delusion created by their religious beliefs, entitlement, and egos all stroked by anti-gay groups such as NOM, the Family Research Council, and even Rodriguez's group.

None of this stuff Rodriquez is predicting would take place should SCOTUS rule in favor of marriage equality. But what can you do when someone is stubbornly clinging to their paranoia even when it is proven that they have nothing to fear?

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Harriet Hancock said...

Good work Alvin. I appreciate all of your atricles that expose people who tell lies while veiled in the cloak of christanity.