Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sen Ted Cruz thinks gay marriages will become 'mandatory'

Editor's note - Due to computer problems,  today's news briefs were canceled.

Along with the vile allegiance to anti-gay discrimination, Sen. Ted Cruz turns a strange phrase in this video. Starting at .20, he mentions something about "mandatory gay marriages." It was not a mistake by Cruz but a deliberate talking point. According to Salon:

"Mandatory same-sex marriage” and “mandatory gay marriage” are actual terms that Ted Cruz has been running around warning the masses about. It is a staple of his talking points on the issue."

MSNBC  also noted that Cruz has been using the phrase "mandatory gay marriage" on numerous occasions.

Anti-gay groups, their spokespeople, and supporters are uniquely skilled in repeating phrases, memes, and claims designed to sway the public in their favor, but I don't see it happening here with Cruz's insistence on using the talking point of "mandatory gay marriages."

It's an idiotic phrase which does nothing to turn the public against marriage equality. I think it puts people in the opposite mindset because it implies that the opposition to marriage equality is getting hysterically paranoid.

You won't find many people who believe that pro-marriage equality laws will force people to enter same-sex marriages.  But you will find them questioning the intelligence of those who do.

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