Monday, May 11, 2015

Video celebrates ALL mothers and we should, too

Allow me to be frank. Ryan T. Anderson, the Heritage Foundation, Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, and all of the rest on the right (and their concern troll collaborators) can stick it.

 No one has the right to negatively judge a family simply because they don't like the way the family is made up. If not wanting to put certain families in an inquisitional spotlight under the phony guise of "having a debate"  makes me "intolerant," then so be it.

 No family should have their dignity attacked in such a vile way.  When we dispense with all of the pseudo-intellectual hypotheticals, the false rhetoric, and the deceptive talking points, that's what we are talking about - people hiding their personal dislikes and ignorance behind fake studies and Biblical Scripture taken out of context.

The video ABOVE is the correction definition of good families. And we should take the time to honor all of these families who do what they can for their children, particularly the mothers - no matter what orientation they may be - who are the crucially important parts of these families. For more info, go here.

 And don't forget to #CelebrateAllMothers

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Anonymous said...

Recently, Maggie Gallagher was quoted as saying, "Christians are the new gays."

Now my question to her. If Christians are the new gays--with your claim of how gays treat Christians, now--isn't that an admission of how you have treated gays in the past?

Tit-for-tat, Maggie. Except no one is trying to force Canonical laws on you. All we want is secular equality. Keep what you have and let us have ours.