Wednesday, June 03, 2015

'Conservative magazine busy with pseudo-intellectual attack on lgbt equality' & other Wed midday news briefs

Conservative magazine The Federalist is attacking Caitlyn Jenner

What The Media Should Know About Walt Heyer And "Transition Regrets" - Not only that it's the latest attempt to undermine lgbt progress via junk science and lies (this time attacking Caitlyn Jenner) but it is the latest attempt to do so by the conservative magazine The Federalist. The Federalist helped push the "stories" of the adults who regret being "raised in a gay household," as well as pushing other outrageously homophobic pieces. It would seem to me that The Federalist is attempting to push a pseudo-intellectual objection to lgbt equality. HEAVY on the pseudo. 

Everything That’s Wrong With Huckabee’s Transgender Bathroom Remarks - You got a week to do nothing but listen to me count the ways?  

Jindal: Left Trying To 'Outlaw Firmly Held Religious Beliefs That They Do Not Agree With' - Forget it, Bobby. You simply ARE NOT going to get that nomination.  

Mary Cheney shames anti-gay GOPers: ‘For years I have listened to them talk about importance of family’ - She makes a good point (and none of that "where has she been talk. In her defense, her sister, Liz, is simply a monster).

 A Trial In New Jersey: One Man's Religious Freedom Is Another Man's Torture - Pay attention to this trial. The outcome, if it happens as I hope it will, could potential destroy ex-gay therapy.

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