Monday, June 01, 2015

'Duggars grant Fox News first post-scandal interview' & other Monday midday news briefs

Fox News snags first post-scandal interview with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar - Surprising NO ONE that the Duggars are running to Fox. I guess Megyn Kelly is slightly better than Sean Hannity but color me NOT impressed. Frankly I don't fall for Kelly's "I am so different than the other Fox newscasters act." So what if she comes across sensibly every now and than after showing an immense degree of bias. I don't get excited by journalists who act like they are supposed to only a quarter of the time rather than all of the time. The proof will be in the questions she asks. And by the way, where will Josh Duggar be during this interview?  

20 Burning Questions Fox News' Megyn Kelly should ask Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar - Get your checklist out if you are planning to watch the interview.  

Colorado YMCA has the perfect response to critics of its gay-friendly ‘alternative’ prom - And it was much nicer than anything I would have said.

New HIV Study Was So Dramatic, It Had To Be Stopped Early - This wonderful. Imagine and HIV study so successful that it was stopped in the midway point and participants get immediate access to the antiretroviral drugs used in the study.

 GOP Neocon War Hawk Lindsey Graham Officially Announces Presidential Run: Reactions, Video - I am NOT saying A WORD. NOT. ONE. WORD.

Photo taken from The Inquisitr  

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