Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Michelle Duggar reduced to awkward silence when confronted by her transphobic hypocrisy

Well the Duggars interview with Megyn Kelly of Fox News is over and here are my thoughts.

I was disappointed in how Kelly glossed over several details regarding the type of counseling the Duggars claimed their son, Josh, went through after admitting he inappropriately touched several underage girls, including his sisters. To say that Kelly was on their side is an understatement. Several invectives and tones in her voice when she mentioned "the tabloids" or when she implied how the family was being targeted bothered me.

However, all in all, I view Kelly like a football team who won a crucial game because the other team played worse. She actually stumbled her way through a very good interview and I only say that because of one moment.

Aside from the molestation charges, many folks have called out the Duggars for anti-gay campaigning they have done on several occasions. Josh was a member of the Family Research Council and spoke several times against lgbt equality including marriage equality while claiming it was for the sake of the children.

Last year, Michelle Duggar made a robocall to residents in Fayetteville, Arkansas as a part of a successful attempt to defeat a pro-lgbt ordinance. Her robocall implied that transgender men and women were predators who will harm children in public restrooms.

During the interview, Kelly asked her specifically about the hypocrisy of her robocall in light of knowing what her son had done.  Michelle Duggar began a rambling answer which descended to uncomfortable silence.

To me, that moment was the pivotal part of the interview and speaks for itself as a very important part of this entire mess. The line of questioning begins at 5:05:

Anyone wishing to view the entire interview can do so at Mediaite.

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