Thursday, June 11, 2015

'Trouble for lgbts in North Carolina & Michigan' & other Thursday midday news briefs

House overrides magistrate same-sex marriage veto - A law which allows county magistrates a "religious excuse" to refuse to perform marriages for any couples (i.e. same sex couples) has become law after the legislature overrode the Governor's veto. Ugh! 

Michigan Lawmakers Pass Bills That Could Allow Adoption Agencies To Reject LGBT Families - And then there is THIS thing. Will the Governor sign it? Regardless, when Michelangelo Signorile once remarked that "it's not over," if folks didn't believe it then, they had better believe it now.

  Report Attacks African Nations' Justifications For Anti-Gay Laws - The same lies and junk science which once had IMMENSE power in America has a greater deal of power in Africa.  

Ben Carson: Gay Rights Aren't Civil Rights Because Gay People Don't Have Separate Water Fountains - Oh stop it already! The segregation was a symbol of inequality, just like the sodomy laws, and the pogroms against Jewish people. For a person who is supposed to be intelligent, Ben Carson is a serious dumbass.  

Right-Wing Pundits Rail Against Gay Military Leaders - So much for respecting those who fight for our freedoms. 

22 Stunning Same-Sex Wedding Photos That Are So Full Of Love - Let's end these abysmal set of news briefs with something happy.


Patrick Fitzgerald said...

Raleigh, NC: “The law "protects sincerely held religious beliefs..”

Not when those beliefs are arbitrarily injurious to others.

“litigation challenging the law was likely to come soon.”

Rightly so. As long as their salaries and the functions they perform are paid for by our tax dollars, these laws are unconstitutional.

“Rep. Cecil Brockman, D-Guilford, apologized to all lesbian and gay couples in North Carolina for the House's action. "Your love is not different than anybody else's love in this state," he said at a news conference."

That statement is perfect because that’s what it’s all about, the haters refuse to believe our love is real, but being too cowardly to say so, they say our marriages aren’t real. That’s something we have to start communicating - that putting marriage in quotes to denote our marriages aren't real is just another way of saying our love isn’t real. I think that making it about how they think our love isn’t real makes it much more personal, for both sides.
Michigan: “Critics of the legislation, however, say the bills give agencies license to discriminate against potential parents based on sexual orientation, religion and marital status -- while still being funded by taxpayers.”

Again, unconstitutional.

…directly harming 13,000 kids in the state waiting to be adopted.”

And they say we’re a threat to children? They love hating us so much they’re willing to harm children in order to do so. Evil.

Erica Cook said...

To Ben Carson
What position could you take. Well, you could say, you're church will not be taking part in same sex marriages, as is their right. Then You could say, "We have affirmed our belief that marriage is between a man and a woman without imposing that value on others outside our church. Others can now make the choice for themselves.