Thursday, July 16, 2015

'Anti-gay groups still planning, hubris knocks out the Duggar family' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Hubris smacks down the Duggar family.

Inside The Conservative Plan To Continue The Fight Against LGBT Equality - If you even THINK that the anti-gay right will give up simply because we won the right to marry, you are living on another planet. Kudos to Carlos Maza for this report and pay special attention to this part:

 In a presentation titled "Dealing With Media," conservative author and right-wing activist Jason Mattera suggested that the key to winning public opinion was to invert the dominant media narrative about LGBT equality by decrying LGBT activists as intolerant bullies while painting religious conservatives as the real victims in the culture war. Leftists are "the most intolerant, bigoted people on the planet. And that is, they want Christianity purged from the public square," Mattera declared. He urged his audience to portray the fight for LGBT equality as intolerant when talking to reporters or appearing on TV: "Why do they hate diversity? Why do they hate tolerance? I'm for a multiplicity of viewpoints. Isn't that what America is about? Why does that person want to compel me to do something I don't want? What is it about fascism that appeals to them?" That "flip the script" tactic -- essentially calling LGBT activists bullies -- has been widely successful in influencing conservative media coverage of the fight for LGBT equality in recent years. Stories about anti-gay bakers and florists who are fined for refusing service to gay customers have helped motivate the recent wave of "religious freedom" laws and gin up opposition to non-discrimination efforts that protect LGBT people. 

TLC officially cancels ’19 Kids and Counting’ after Josh Duggar admits to molesting girls as a teen - Everyone KNEW this would be the end result. The Greeks had a word this entire scandal - hubris.

The Past Repeats: Christian Right Turns to Nullification to Counter Marriage Equality - IF the anti-gay right attempts this, they are going to be marching straight down the road to self-destruction. But the question is how much havoc will they cause before the end comes.  

How Obamacare Is Helping Protect Trans People’s Right To Health Care - Wonderful news part 1.

 Judge rules Utah should put 2 moms on baby's birth certificate - Wonderful news part 2  

How Scott Walker's Gay-Bashing Blew Up in His Face - Take a big ole bite, Scotty.

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