Friday, July 24, 2015

'Anti-marriage equality book condemned for being weak, unoriginal' & other Fri midday news briefs

Ryan T. Anderson's latest anti-marriage equality book blasted for being weak, unoriginal.

Ryan T. Anderson Accidentally Highlights The Weakness Of The Lost Fight Against Marriage Equality - Ryan T. Anderson of the Heritage Foundation is supposed to be the new, more intellectual voice of the anti-marriage equality movement. However, you wouldn't know that from his newest book. With fallacies galore, anti-gay dog whistles, and ridiculous arguments which ignore reality, Anderson AND his book serves as a metaphor to why the anti-marriage equality movement lost at SCOTUS. With his wonderfully vicious, but true review of Anderson's book, Zack Ford of Think Progress shows that a pound of sugar sprinkled on stale food doesn't obscure the simple fact that it's still stale food. And rumor control has it that Anderson is FURIOUS at Zack for his review so you KNOW what Zack wrote was good.

Lesbian couple breaks silence: We filed complaint against Oregon bakery to ‘stop being bullied’ - Yet again how we lose when anti-gay groups bombard the press with their anecdotal lies of "gay bullies." We are just NOW hearing the other side of the story regarding the anti-gay Oregon bakery.  

The GOP Plan to Stoke Anti-Gay Bigotry in 2016 - Michelangelo Signorile hits ANOTHER home run. We have GOT to stop underestimating anti-gay groups and their power. While we are celebrating marriage equality, they are recalibrating their message and there is NO excuse for us to be in a situation to again play catch-up.  

Ted Cruz’s Hearing on Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality ‘Tyranny’ - Ted Cruz will NEVER be president, but I don't envision him leaving the Senate any time soon. He makes me ALMOST miss Jesse Helms.  

Obama Ignores African Leaders’ Calls to Keep Quiet on Gay Rights - Just to be clear, that's MY president who did that (two snaps up!)

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Erica Cook said...

You know the thing that always strikes me about when black people say that gay rights aren't civil rights? It seems to me that they believe that civil rights are finite. Like if we are give civil liberties it will be taken out of what is given to them as thought it was a limited amount of money. What I always feel like I am hearing is, "don't take my rights and give it to those people, I need them." You are absolutely right that they pretend that black gays don't exist, and that does a disservice to their history, but at some point we have to address this idea that to give civil rights to us lessens what they have. I could be wrong, but this didn't seem to happen when the disabilities act was created. And nearly all the arguments against that are practically identical to what is made now against gays.