Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gay leaders are NOT a threat to Boy Scouts - here is the proof

Now that the Boy Scouts have moved in the direction of allowing local chapters decide whether or not gays can serve as scoutmasters, various anti-gay groups and personalities are playing the homosexuality = pedophilia card and spinning stories of boys being molested by gay men.

Of course this is untrue and my friend Matt Baume has just come out with a video refuting the horror story:

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Blockhead (Gary) said...

I wish I had some actual data and statistics to prove this...but simply based on a couple of quick searches and number of reported news stories it would seem:

The catholic priests are WAY more likely to abuse the children in their care than an adult scout leader. I personally can't remember more than one story about a scout leader abusing boys, yet how many cases of priests do we hear about?

Where are the AFA, NOM, and the others in protecting children from priests? Are they planning any protests soon? When do they plan to speak out in the media?

You gotta love hypocrisy
(PS....Seriously if anyone can pull together some data on this, it would enable some seriously effective talking points)