Thursday, July 09, 2015

'Married gay couples to receive FULL federal benefits' & other Thur midday news briefs

Toledo judge issues statement after refusing to marry same-sex couple - Now THIS is a situation more serious than that of clerks refusing to issue marriage licenses. When a JUDGE uses "religious liberty" as an excuse not to do his or her duty, we are talking about a serious constitutional crisis here.

Russian Government Unveils Offensive Heterosexual Pride Flag To Honor “Traditional Family Values” - And Russia continues to attack and stigmatize its lgbt citizens. 

 Bryan Fischer Once Again Calls For Enacting Russian-Style Anti-Gay 'Propaganda' Laws In America - In a manner which Bryan Fischer wishes America would do. Dream on, big boy.  

Tea Party Sheriff Calls For 'Pitchforks And Torches' In Response To Marriage Equality Ruling - And in that SAME voice of making fun of fake bravado, I say to this guy - "BITCH, PLEASE!!" It's like I said before. Anti-gay figures want other people to do the rioting while they reap the benefits. 

Kenyan Leaders To Obama: We’ll Throw Rotten Eggs At You If You Talk About LGBT Rights Here - This issue of Obama possibly speaking about lgbt equality in such a homophobic country like Kenya is heating up WITHOUT little or no mention from the American media. And we already know of a certain anti-gay supposed Christian group who stands in support of the persecution of lgbts in Kenya.

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