Monday, July 27, 2015

THIS is how we defeat the 'religious liberty' lie

One thing missing from this conversation about "religious liberty" are the facts about the groups behind it. While the media and our community focuses on the clerks, bakers, and other businesses who are suddenly claiming a "God exemption" to not treat us as regular taxpayers or take our business, very few people seem to be talking about the groups and personalities who have successfully made the phrase "religious liberty" one we are all repeating.

In other words, it's a crock masterminded by anti-gay groups behind the push against marriage equality and the push against lgbt non-discrimination ordinances before that and the push against gay adoption or gays teaching in schools before that. I think you get the picture here.

"Religious liberty" has nothing to do with protecting people's religious beliefs.  It's merely ugly, stale homophobia in a new package. Rip that package off and you will find the same mindset of bigotry propagated by the same anti-gay groups and personalities who make their living off of exploiting that bigotry.

Last weekend, I developed a few tweets which focuses on questionable words and actions of the people and groups behind the "religious liberty" argument. The tweets also question WHY would the national GOP want to work with these individuals and groups to create a sort of federal religious liberty law.  Included is a link to my booklet where people can read more info about how these groups spread anti-gay propaganda.

By all means, please "favorite" and retweet the following below. And remember that it's only the first batch. I am presently working on the second batch and they are doozies:

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