Thursday, July 09, 2015

We should encourage some anti-gay activists to speak openly, freely, and often

Stacy Swimp should speak about lgbt issues more often.

Apparently, Glenn Beck is off the air this month for medical reasons.

This leaves his radio show in the hands of his  co-hosts, Pat Grey and Stu Burguiere. Together, the two demonstrate why sometimes it is a wonderful idea to let anti-gay leaders speak free and unfettered. Instead of interviewing Michigan anti-gay activist Stacy Swimp, the two let him ramble about the evils of lgbts and marriage equality. The following audio is just a little taste of the insanity:


Swimp: "This is not even just about so-called gay marriage. This is about an immoral revolution. Look at what they're doing, they're trying to superimpose it in our schools. Did you hear about the case in California, and this is not uncommon, where homosexuals who have been allowed to adopt children ... are taking them to get hormone shots because they're saying that this pre-adolescent wants to be of a different gender and so they're trying to stop the natural genetical [sic] process of this minor that they have custody of? This is what's happening, so this is getting to a point now where they're literally trying to collapse our Western Civilization. This is a moral, supernatural, spiritual thing that's manifesting itself in the political realm, in the social realm, in the cultural realm and if people like you and I and those of us who can see it don't do anything about it, I'm telling you, we're going to look up and we're going to have boys going to the girls' bathroom ... We're going to have men walking around in bottomless pants." 

Huge hat tip to Right Wing Watch.


Erica Cook said...

bottomless pants? WHAT?

BlackTsunami said...

That's what the man said. LOL

Patrick Fitzgerald said...

I just tried to get to the bottom of it with someone the other day - even to just agree to disagree. I promised to be completely non-judgmental and civil and I was and it seemed to be going ok, but it ended up coming down to this, paraphrased:

“[If] Gays aren't hurting anyone I really don't have issue with them. I have an issue with Obama changing things to destroy our country … Im not trying to take anything out on gay people but it is not marraige the court allowing gay marraige had nothing to do with gay marraige it had to do with politics

How's that? I asked, and she said:

“that the court deciding on gay marriage had nothing to do with gay marriage … It had to do with destroying the republicans … The Obama admininistation is anti christian he thinks a christian conservative is more dangerous then a terrorist. So if minister doesn't believe in gay marraige and he refuses to marry a gay couple they can sue the church then the government can take away their tax exemption which they wouldn't be able to afford and would have to close the church down … Obama and his Muslim and communist beliefs … Obama couldn't care less about the constitution or America
So, Obama orchestrated the entire gay rights movement so gay Christians would sue and shut down conservative Christian churches who wouldn’t marry them because he’s a Muslim communist who hates conservative Christians, Christianity itself, and the First Amendment (but only for conservatives).

I asked her if she watches Fox News, she said “no but I believe everything they say.” I also asked her why any Christians would do such a thing, and on one of the most cherished and important days of their life? and she refused to answer me and several other simple logical relevant questions, just kept saying it was a choice “just like molesting children and having sex with animals,” all the while denying that that’s how she thinks of us.