Wednesday, August 12, 2015

'Anti-gay activists using their false story of 'persecution' to shut lgbt equality' & other Wed midday news briefs

The Kleins are causing trouble for lgbt equality in Arkansas

ARKANSAS: Activists Booted From Anti-Gay Rights Rally Led By Martyred Oregon Bakers [VIDEO]- Serious trouble for the lgbt community in Fayetteville. Melissa and Aaron Klein, the Oregon bakers who FALSELY claimed they were persecuted by the lgbt community because their "Christian faith" forbade them to make a cake for a lesbian couple, are helping in attempts to kill an anti-discrimination bill in Arkansas. And it's getting ugly with people getting kicked out of meetings. 

Out candidates win big in Utah primaries - Lgbt candidates are winning in Utah. Sorry for those who "hate the system," but I believe that changes can also be made by working in that same system.  

Mississippi Ban on Adoptions by Same-Sex Couples Is Challenged - This is gonna get gooooood!  

Illegal robocalls attack gay Mississippi candidate’s family; Pickering denies involvement - Speaking of Mississippi . . .

This Kenyan pastor and his partner have become the first to publicly marry – and now they have to flee - My prayers go out to this very brave couple.

  It's Okay to Be Gay, So Long As You're White - Posted with two snaps up!

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draNgNon said...

it really bothers me that we've allowed the Right to shape the narrative around the Kleins. the incident and judgement wasn't just about baking a cake. they "doxxed" the lesbian couple in Oregon after finding out a complaint was filed - posted name/number/email/address on Facebook. as a result the couple had to move from their home becuase of hate mail and threats.

many people wonder what is the big deal about a wedding cake and why such a large monetary penalty. it feels unfair, no? but when you realize they doxxed the couple and wrecked their life, that penalty feels tiny.