Wednesday, August 26, 2015

'Chris Christie bucks GOP 'religious liberty' talking point' & other Wed midday news briefs

Editor's note - There's just no word for this morning's madness. My prayers go out to all involved, especially the family  and friends of the victims. When things like this happen, there is always one thing I am reminded of:

Let's try to get some news briefs going:

Chris Christie
 Watch: Surprise gay marriage proposal at church receives standing ovation - Amid the ugliness, there is still beauty in the world and one shred of beauty is always the sign that we haven't completely gone off the deep end.

 Chris Christie Bucks Party, Opposes Using ‘Religious Liberty’ To Justify Anti-LGBT Discrimination - I'm impressed. Christie shows a momentary sign of gumption. 

 Ted Cruz Encourages Gay Florists To Turn Away Evangelicals - While Ted Cruz continues to go down crazy train. Can you imagine a host of businesses turning away customers for discriminatory reasons? Just madness.

 Pentagon poised to end trans ban in May - Of next year that is. Still, it's progress.

 The New York Times' Stumbling, Problematic Transgender Coverage - The media anti-lgbt boogie. You take two steps forward and they draaaaag you back one (apologies to "Willona" from "Good Times")

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Anonymous said...

Careful, does Christie's definition of religous organizations include hospitals, etc?

Do not reach into a taxpayer's wallet them deny them services.