Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Anti-gay KY clerk Kim Davis, supporters outmaneuvered with double whammy

It's just as we figured. Kentucky clerk Kim Davis not only refused to follow her duties but she proceeded to channel Joan of Arc on her way to the stake. You can read highlights via THIS  link regarding her nasty, illegal behavior.

However, my usual news briefs are postponed today due to the tweets which just came in:

Davis's contempt of court hearing will most likely be this week via a tweet from reporter Dan Griffin of  WSAZ News Channel 3.

Griffin's other tweet includes THIS lovely cherry on top for those of us wanting to see justice done:

Some of you all may be angry at this, but if you read my morning post, you will know that this is a serious strike against the plans of Davis, her lawyers at the Liberty Counsel, and supporters. After all, how can Davis be a good "martyr" for "religious liberty" without any pictures or televised footage of her being led away in handcuffs or put in jail.

It demonstrates that those on our side of the spectrum know exactly the game being played and are willing to play that game themselves.

The last page of their motion is simply their way of telling Davis - "Girlfriend, you ain't slick!"

Check and mate.

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Anonymous said...

It may not have gotten this far if the equality forces had focused on her multiple marriages from day one. She has made this a very personal issue so her life as it relates to this isue is important.

JR Buckley said...

I applaud the ACLU - this is definitely the right way to go. WELL PLAYED!

Anonymous said...

Will she be the one paying though or will their supporters help out?