Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Fox News panel blasts Kim Davis & her Liberty Counsel attorney

Unfortunately, the Kim Davis saga continues with no sign of abating. The good news is no matter how they try, those supporting the jailed Kentucky clerk can't use any talking points to get past the fact that she is breaking the law. The bad news is that their failure doesn't mean they are going to stop trying. Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee will be having a rally this afternoon in support of Davis.

Watch how quickly this rally, with its bussed-in participants, will be less about Davis and so-called "religious liberty" and more about bashing SCOTUS and whining about marriage equality.

So in advance, let me say sorry folks. There is no such thing as a "do-over" with Supreme Court decisions. Gays went through the proper channels and won the right to marry fair and square.

And we aims to keep it.

Meanwhile, check out how this recent Fox News panel just tears apart Davis's lawyer, Mat Staver at the Liberty Counsel, for the awful advice he has been giving his client:

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Erica Cook said...

I am absolutely flabbergasted that they defended the not only the gay couple, but the supreme court. I wonder if they realize the made one hell of a mess here. I expected them to be calling her a Christian hero. It's pretty bad when you're too conservative for fox.