Friday, September 04, 2015

'Gay couples marry, Davis jailed, Huckabee milks' & other Fri midday news briefs

Gay couples can finally get their licenses in Rowan County, KY

First gay couples obtain marriage licenses in Rowan County - Now that "she who not shall be named" is out of the way, gay couples of Rowan County in Kentucky can take advantage of their right to marry. 

Second Same-Sex Couple Gets License In Rowan County As Religious Activists Call Them 'Perverts' - Those who can't stop progress usually stand in a corner pouting in rage while it happens.

 Kentucky Clerk's Husband Says His Wife Is 'Not Gonna Bow' - One word. Two syllables. OKAY. There is nothing left to be said, but don't think it's over. Reports are that Mike Huckabee wants to hold a rally for her. He is milking this situation for all it's worth. Fine. Let him. The lgbt community will not yield what we earned fair and square for anyone. We will draw no quarter and will hold what we have. We will be treated equally and won't back down an inch from this demand. 

 Kim Davis' Lawyer Invokes Nazi Gas Chambers, Warns Of Massive Persecution - With counsel like this, no wonder she is in jail. 

photo taken from Joe.My.God.

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Patrick Fitzgerald said...

Craig James of the FRC: “America is now on a ‘slippery slope’ of anti-Christian persecution”

Will gay Christians persecuting themselves? And will gay supportive churches be locking their own doors?

Mat Staver: “Back in the 1930s, it began with the Jews, where they were evicted from public employment, then boycotted in their private employment, then stigmatized and that led to the gas chambers. This is the new persecution of Christians here in this country.”

Only a supremacist would define being treated equally as "persecution."