Thursday, September 03, 2015

Kim Davis got what she deserved, has no one to blame but herself

Kim Davis

It's been over for a couple of hours now.

Anti-gay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was found guilty of the contempt of court charge and will now spend her days in a cozy jail cell until she comes around and issues marriage licenses to gay couples.

I really didn't WANT it to come to this. I cringed at the thought of anti-gay groups and personalities attempting to falsely make Davis into the poster child for their phony religious liberty argument.

But now that the ruling has come down, allow me to tell you what I DO NOT intend to do:

I will not show this woman any sympathy and I refuse to concern troll the judge's ruling. I DO intend to back the ruling with every fiber of my being. And it's a simple question of why?


Why in the hell do the lgbt community have to be put in a negative position here? We didn't do anything wrong. In spite of right-wing screeches of a "Gaystapo" or a "Gay Mafia," our community has acted perfectly correct in this situation. We legally challenged the constitutionality  of  the anti-marriage equality laws, took the creators of these laws to court, presented our case, and WON fair and square.

Isn't that how it's done in this country?

Davis is an elected official. It is her duty to follow the law. She refused and paid the penalty; a deservedly harsh one.

So what is the problem here?  What else is there to talk about?

This situation was not about the lgbt community, but the American judicial system. As much as I hate to admit it, if Davis had not been severely punished, it would have trivialized our courts, our judges and the Constitution itself,  What would be the point of seeking remedies or rights via the court if one person can circumvent its decision by figuratively holding her breath until she gets her way?  And then get a little slap on the wrist for her trouble?

Kim Davis is not, nor has she ever been, a martyr for Christianity. She is a self-righteous dictatorial demagogue who dragged her staff into an illegal fight that many of them didn't want to have in the first place.

That makes her selfish.

And apparently she knew that same-sex marriage would be legalized but decided she wouldn't resign because if she did, she would, according to a recent Fox News interview,  "have no voice for God's word."

But in a statement two days before, she said  she “never imagined” that a day would come when she would be forced by the law to recognize marriages that she deems unholy and illegitimate in the eyes of God.

That also makes her a liar.

So on one hand, we have the lgbt community who attained marriage the right way. We felt we were being discriminated against and successfully sought legal remedy.

On the other hand, we have a woman who thinks that her religious beliefs should be above our legal system so much so that she is willing to lie about it and was, through the power of her elected office, dragging her subordinates into her illegal crusade.

Why is this even a hard choice in terms of who to support?


JCF said...

She's George Wallace blocking the doors of the U of A to black students. Period.

[Gov. George, however, had the good sense to get out of the way when the U.S. Marshals finally arrived. Kim---thanks to her wingnut "counsel"---did not. Pity.]

Anonymous said...

It seems apparent that government officials are simply not allowed to impose their religious beliefs on people who don't share them. For example teachers can’t lead prayers or teach creationism in science class, they have to teach evolution. She represents her office, not "herself". You don’t get to dictate law. This is about separation of church and state and how much power we grant the religious to control society.