Thursday, September 03, 2015

Kim Davis hearing not over, but deputies turn on her, says they are afraid of her

As America awaits the ending of the Kim Davis contempt hearing (which looks like it won't be over  before the time I have to get from lunch), we are getting news about the other folks who work in her office. Davis is the head clerk and thereby the head supervisor. According to her own subordinates, this entire debacle is that of Davis's own making:

Kim Davis’s Deputies Reportedly Say They Want To Issue Marriage Licenses But Are Too Afraid Of Davis:

In an interview with the Kentucky Trial Court Review, Rowan County Attorney Cecil Watkins expressed exasperation with Kim Davis, the anti-gay clerk who has refused to issue marriage licenses due to her objections to marriage equality. Davis, Watkins said, “does not represent” the county or its values, and he added that he told Davis that he “will not and cannot support” her in her refusal to obey the Constitution. Perhaps most significantly, Watkins also says that he learned that Davis’s deputy clerks would issue marriage licenses to all couples legally entitled to one, but that they are too afraid of Davis to do so. If Judge David Bunning, the federal judge who is expected to hold Davis in contempt after a hearing Thursday morning, orders Davis’s deputies to issue marriage licenses, Watkins says, the deputies will comply.

Kim Davis Vows To Use County Office To Spread 'God's Word,' Act As Divine Vessel - Meanwhile, Davis had an exclusive interview with that slimy, homophobic weasel from Fox News, Todd Starnes. I refuse to link to the monstrosity, so this link from Right Wing Watch talks about all it.

If something good happens (and it probably will by the time I get up from this chair) go here for the LIVE FEED outside the Kentucky courtroom

And the live twitter feed here

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